Vote or Die

by Jason Stotts

As a man of reason, I am vitally interested in seeing certain changes come about in the world. However, given that I am only one person, there is only so much that I can do right now. Yet, fortunately, that little bit is enough to make a difference.

One highly underrated thing that makes a huge difference is just disagreeing with people. If someone where you work is having a conversation about the value of “universal healthcare”, for example, it is enough merely to disagree that such is a good thing. While a refutation of the theory would obviously be better, just showing that there is not a consensus about the merit of such a program can cause others to re-examine their own beliefs. Merely saying “I disagree” can be enough to dissuade a sheep from taking sides with vicious doctrine.

Another important avenue open to you is to vote. Now, while we may not be able to change the course of US history by picking the next president because we are so few, we can certainly affect things on a local level. Even if we do no more than to go to the polls and vote no to local levies, we can help prevent new taxes from stealing our earnings before they ever reach our pockets. Sure, we may not be able to pick the next senator, but our vote does make a difference and at least we may be able to keep a little more of our earnings.

The current state of society is abysmal, but we have to remember that even little acts can start to make a difference and we have to start somewhere.

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